With a profound background of STEAM education, Bellrobot provides innovative educational robots that enables students to create, program, and play.Combining robotics and technology with collaborative STEAM activities, Bellrobot helps students learn core-subjects and develop 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical-thinking, and collaboration in a fun and engaging way.
Bellrobot’s parent company, Bell Education Group is a creative science and technology group specialized in STEAM education for kids age from 3-13 years old. Started from its first robotic school in 2011, now the company has more than 400 robotic schools in over 100 cities all over China, with up to 100,000 registered students and accumulatively over 500,000 trainees, becomes China’s largest educational group that combines company-owned and franchise schools, software & hardware development, competition operation, and game based learning platforms.

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